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What is Phenobook?

It is an open source software for phenotypic data collection. It consists on a server software and a mobile application.

It can be easily implemented in collaborative research and development projects involving data collecting and forward analyses. Adopting Phenobook is expected to improve the involved processes by minimizing input errors, resulting in higher quality and reliability of the research outcomes.

Paper: Gigascience

Getting started

You can check online doncumentation on github.

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You can also download the APK file for Android devices

Fork phenobook on github

Server: https://github.com/INTABiotechMJ/phenobook-server
Mobile: https://github.com/INTABiotechMJ/phenobook-mobile

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Email us at vanzetti.leonardo[at]inta.gob.ar with information about you and your institution.

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